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Training, Visiting, and a Wedding

We're traveling!

It’s time to travel! (This was taken at our first stop of the trip!)

Two weeks ago we left for a two-week “vacation”. Most of the two weeks weren’t really vacation (although not having to cook for two weeks made it feel that way) since we spent one week in Madison, WI, for training with InterVarsity and half of the next week visiting supporters (which also felt like vacation… we love getting to spend time with people!). The last part of our trip was spent in northern Ohio, visiting part of Hans’ extended family and attending his cousin’s wedding.

The training we attended was for planting an international InterVarsity chapter* at Michigan Tech. We’ve been trying to get something going for the past few years, and the training we received is going to help make that happen. We were matched with a coach (another InterVarsity staff who has experience planting a chapter) and were brought through several cycles of activities to help us really see how we can grow a student group that multiplies itself.

Our biggest takeaway from the week in Madison?

Students are seeds to be scattered, not sheep to be gathered.

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It’s official!

It has been a while since I last posted, and a lot of things have changed in our lives! We attended training in Colorado this past week with WorldVenture. While we were there, we had an interview and are now endorsed as mid-term missionaries.

“Mid-term” missionaries spend between 3 months and 3+ years in the field, and Hans and I plan to spend three years in Cochabamba, Bolivia. We will be joining a family in Cochabamba and hope to work alongside them as they encourage and teach leadership skills to Bolivians. At this point, we don’t know a lot of details about what we’ll be doing… but we’re both very excited about what God is doing in our lives!

The training we attended was great! We both learned a lot about what we will be doing in the future (before we get to Bolivia) and tips and strategies for how to adapt to the culture when we get there. There were a bunch of incredible people at training and we look forward to seeing how God uses them in the future.