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A Happy (and Yummy) Fourth of July!

Stars and Stripes... in Bolivia!

The Fourth of July saw us hosting a team party, complete with Stars and Stripes. Though this was our second Fourth of July in Bolivia, it was still odd to be lacking the parades, barbecues, and fireworks that so many people talked about enjoying on Facebook. Other than hanging out with family, I definitely missed the Copper Harbor fireworks show the most.

But we did hang out as a team, and had a blast! Through the combined effort of the 11 of us Americans, we enjoyed BBQ ribs, potato salad, pasta salad, Cesar salad, brownies, and homemade ice cream. It was the biggest feast of American food we’ve had in a long time and the most people we’ve hosted since we got married. The food was great, the company even better, and we had a fantastic time!

American Food!

Feast time!

Our teammates, Laura and Nathaniel, filling their plates with all the yummy food.

Speed Uno!

Nathaniel taught us how to play French Uno (he grew up in France)... which turns out to be surprisingly like Bolivian Uno!