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Happy Birthday, Jhonny!

Jhonny and Teresa

Jhonny with his wife Teressa and mother-in-law

Friday was our teammate Jhonny’s birthday and to celebrate, his family invited the team over for a surprise dinner. Not knowing that we’d all be over later, Jhonny also brought a cake to the team meeting we had Friday morning so we enjoyed cake twice!

Following the wonderful birthday custom of Bolivia, Jhonny even bit the cake, although he did it more because we were all cheering for him to do it than because he wanted to!

Biting the Cake

Jhonny has been working officially with our team since January, and has been doing a great job. He is in charge of all of us mid-term missionaries (those here for 3 years or less) which means he sees a lot of the immigration office, gives us hugs when we feel culture shock, and helps us when we need something fixed in our apartments. But he does a lot more than that – encouraging us and guiding us in his pastorly way (he’s also a pastor of more than 20 years).

We’re glad Jhonny’s a part of our team and hope he has another fantastic year!