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Girl (and Guy) Time!

Last weekend our InterVarsity group had men’s and women’s retreats. I (Lindsay) enjoyed getting away with 25 of the girls in the chapter to bake cookies (and eat them with ice cream and hot fudge. You wish you could have come just to eat, right?!), watch a movie, study the Bible together, and of course, to chat. It was great to get to know some of the ladies a little better and to just spend time with them. Hans and Caleb joined 35 guys on Saturday at Gitche Gumee Bible Camp. They also ate yummy food, played games, and participated in different discussions (on topics like singleness, living for God in all areas of life, and sexual purity). I’m sure they also spent a good amount of time talking, but probably not to the degree that us ladies did!

During Bible study at the women’s retreat we spend a couple hours in groups studying three different women in the Bible – Ruth, Esther, and Hannah. Each group saw different characteristics (like loyalty, determination, and faithfulness) that each woman had and we were challenged to live these things in our lives as well.

Caleb even got in on the action during free time!

Caleb even got in on the action during free time!

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