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Debt Free!

We’re debt free!!!!!!!

Today we paid the last bit of student loans – not bad, considering we started making payments 13 months ago! It feels wonderful to know that we don’t have debt… and now have no obligations that tie us to the U.S. I’ve been looking forward to this day for many months… and am very happy it is here!

In other news, we travelled to Minnesota last weekend for a fundraiser. The men of Faith Lutheran Church in Hoyt Lakes organized a spaghetti feed for us and served about 100 hungry people on Saturday. (And it was good spaghetti!) My mom also organized a silent auction and had 50 items donated.  It was encouraging to speak with everyone who came and God provided about 20% of our one-time expenses from the night! Thanks to the men for all their hard work, to everyone who donated items to the silent auction, and to everyone who came.


A Whirlwind Weekend

It may be Wednesday, but we’re still “recovering” from our busy weekend. Last weekend we traveled to Minnesota to visit my family and spend time with people from Faith Lutheran Church (the church I grew up attending). It was a great weekend and we really enjoyed spending time on Saturday with a few couples from the church and sharing our future ministry with them. We also had a chance to see most of my mom’s family on Saturday night when everyone met at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. It was deer hunting season in Minnesota and with five deer hanging in the garage, the male members of the family spent the day cutting up all that meat. It brought back many memories of deer hunting seasons from years past…

Sunday saw us at church, and Hans had the opportunity to preach about the parable of the talents from Matthew 25. I also had a chance to give the children’s sermon (which was a blast… those kids are adorable!) and shared our future ministry in Bolivia with the church. It was so great to share what God is doing in our lives and see the excitement that Faith Lutheran has for us.

We really enjoyed our weekend in Minnesota! It was great to be there, even though the trip was short (and busy).