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And they lived happily ever after

On Saturday, our friends, Ariel and Vannia, got married in a beautiful ceremony. Ariel is the coordinator of the Bless Sports and Arts ministry, and we have known him since we stepped off the plane over a year ago (literally… we met him in the airport!) It was exciting to see two friends, so obviously in love, get married.

With Ariel and Vannia

During the ceremony I was surprised to see several guests standing in front of the bride and groom, taking pictures. While I didn’t have the courage to go up there, I’m sure they  got great pictures!

Getting Hitched!

Because Ariel and Vannia had their civil ceremony a week before their religious ceremony, the wedding was very similar to an American wedding. (Religous wedding ceremonies in Bolivia are not legally binding and only “count” if the couple has a civil ceremony first. Often the two ceremonies are done at the same time, making for a really long wedding.) The only thing that really differed from an American wedding was that the scheduled start time was 2:30 and the wedding didn’t start until 3:30 – but that didn’t surprise us. The ceremony had a short sermon by the pastor and the exchanging of vows and rings. Vannia tossed her bouquet as well, and our teammate, Wendy, caught it! She had to go up on stage afterward and give her blessing to the couple.

Wendy, after catching Vannia's bouquet!

The day was perfect for a wedding and we are so happy for Ariel and Vannia! Felicidades!

WV Bolivia and the happy couple!

WorldVenture Bolivia

Bless and the happy couple!

Bless, the sports and arts ministry Ariel started last year



And all peoples on earth will be blessed through you…


Sunday we attended the first anniversary party for Project Bless, a sports ministry that started with volleyball and has recently expanded to court soccer (played on a basketball court). The ministry was started by our team leader and Ariel, a Bolivian college pastor with a passion for God and volleyball.  In its first year of existence, the volleyball teams have become self-sufficient, with hopes of the soccer team doing the same. The vision is to see college students grow as Christians and bring the love of Christ to the court.

The name Bless comes from Genesis 12:3, where God tells Abraham “and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”  The team chose “Bless” (in English) as their team name, as they want to be a blessing to those around them, on and off the court.

Ariel, BLESS Coordinator

Ariel, talking about the court as a mission field

Make a wish!

Cake is an important part of any celebration in Bolivia, and this party was no different! All of the players went up front to blow out the candles.

Apparently, brownies are a novelty here!

Cata, the guys volleyball coach, taking the crumbs from the brownies Lindsay made for the party. We never expected brownies to be so popular... Lindsay has been asked several times to give "brownie lessons"!

We’ve been actively supporting these teams for the past several months by cheering at games and showing up at practices and meetings, and it has opened up some great friendships for us.  Please pray that these relationships would continue to develop and mature.

Coming Up…

At the anniversary party we announced a new venue of Bless: Improv. We’ve been planning and preparing for a while for this new side of Bless – not just sports, but now also starting in the arts.

We will hold our first meeting for a new improv comedy ministry on May 22, and are excited to see the vision of Bless spread to the theatre.  Please pray that God would bring the right people into this ministry, with the right mix of skills and abilities for improv.

Sporting our BLESS jerseys

When we arrived in Bolivia, we spent our first two weeks with a short term team that worked with the Bless Volleyball team. As a thank you gift, each person on the team received a volleyball jersey. The current jerseys look a little different from ours, but here we are sporting our "old school" jerseys!

The flight attendant in the bathroom with a Coca-Cola flavored lollypop!

BLESS is a volleyball team that is part of the sports ministry run by WorldVenture Bolivia. Currently there is a men’s and a women’s team, and this year there are plans for more!

For four days, 20 college students and 7 WorldVenture missionaries attended sports camp to worship together, hear from God, and (of course) play sports. It was a great week!

Murder. It happened at the BLESS Volleyball Camp we attended this week. And I (Lindsay), was involved. Gasp!

Criminal Profile

Two months into my freshman year of college, I auditioned for the Michigan Tech Troupe, an improv comedy ensemble, because my friend Matt asked me to. Not expecting to be accepted into the group, I agreed and had what I thought was a horrible audition. Little did I know, the group was excited about my audition and I was in.

The more I learned about improv, the more I grew to love it and Troupe playtimes soon became huge stress relievers during my crazy semesters. But as I continued Troupin’, I started to wonder if God wanted me to be part of the group. There were many opportunities I had to turn down with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship because I didn’t have the time, party because of my involvement in Troupe. I worried that I wasn’t being a good witness through the choices I made while improv-ing. I wondered if I had made a mistake when I joined the group. I hadn’t prayed about it, asked anyone about it… I had just done it…

The Plot Thickens

A moment from a MTU Troupe Show

The year after I graduated from Tech, I received a phone call from my close friend Christina, who told me Brandon (one of the guys with me in the Troupe) had just become a Christian! He later came up to me, gave me a huge hug, and thanked me for the example I had been while being part of the Troupe. I was stunned.

A few months later another member of the Troupe (one who joined after I had left the group) became a Christian, partly due to Brandon’s testimony. I began to wonder if I had missed the work God was doing in my life…

The Plot Thickens Even More

We moved to Bolivia as missionaries. I started having the desire to perform improv again; I didn’t really understand it, but wished we were still in the U.S. so I could start a Christian improv ministry. Then I started dreaming about using improv as a ministry tool right where I was, in Bolivia. But the dream died as I continued studying Spanish. I couldn’t speak well enough to teach Bolivian college students how to improv, could I?

Well… it turns out I can. At the BLESS camp, four students and I played Murder and God re-awoke the passion I used to have for improv.

My dream is to form BLESS Improv – a group of Christian college students that use improv as a way to share the gospel and to grow in their faith. I used to wonder why I was part of the Troupe and if I should continue with it. Now I’m excited to see what else comes from my experience!

Murder, She Wrote

For those who have not had the pleasure of attending an MTU Troupe show, here’s how the game of Murder works; it’s a lot like the game of telephone. One person knows what’s going on (specifically, where the murder occurs, the murderer’s occupation, and the murder weapon). This person conveys the information to a second person – but there’s a catch – no words are allowed, only gibberish. After the second person knows all of the information, he “kills” the first. This is repeated with a third person and the game ends when the third “kills” the second and each person reveals what they thought was the location, occupation, and weapon.

In my opinion, murder is one of the hardest improv games to play (in fact, I used to avoid playing it when part of the Troupe) but the students did a really good job – especially because they had never improv-ed before!

And yes, the murder was committed by a flight stewardess, in the bathroom of a gym, with a Coca-Cola flavored lollypop!