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Easter Service

As we mentioned in our last post, An Early Easter Celebration, Bolivian elections prevented us from going to church on Easter Sunday, so it was a great opportunity to Skype in to watch the Easter service at Bethany, our home church.

But even better than watching the service was the cumulative hour we spent after the two services talking with (and seeing) dozens of friends.  What a blessing it was to “be there,” catching up a little, seeing new babies and how other kids have grown, and sharing and receiving prayer requests.  We even heard from a couple people that they didn’t get a chance to talk with us because there was a line!  We felt so loved and missed and cared for, so to those of you who were there: Thank you!

Watching the Service at Bethany

Listening live to Pastor Brian preach 4500 miles away, with our bilingual Bible open...


We’re Loved!

Every once in a while we get asked “What can we send you in a care package?” or “What do you need us to send down?” To be honest, we’ve had a hard time answering that.  There’s been a few things we’ve wanted and have had sent (like a rotary cutter for Lindsay), but we can get most everything here, either imported or made in Bolivia.

This afternoon we picked up a package from the post office – with a return address of Bethany Baptist Church.  We had no idea what was in it, and were touched by what we found.

Care Package from Bethany!

Dozens of papers and valentines colored by the 2-3s class at Bethany were accompanied by M&Ms, cookie mix, and a blue bowl “to remind you of the snow up here and to encourage you when you feel down and ‘blue.'”  We were told that the class would be praying for us though February and March.  Also tucked in the box was a very encouraging hand-written letter from a supporter.

We don’t know who the teachers of the 2-3’s class are this year, but we want to strongly thank them and the kids for the love packed in this box.  Every time we use that blue bowl, we’ll think of this class.  There was nothing we “needed” in this box except the love that was contained in it.  And what a wonderful gift!

So to answer the question of what we want or need send down, we would have to emphatically answer “Love!”  That could be in the form of a package, or just a letter.  At Christmastime we received an envelope full of letters from the Dood’s Bible study in the Heights.  It was a great encouragement simply because they took the time to sit down and write letters to us.  And there’s a number of others that have supported us through letters, packages, and phone calls.  We just want to thank you for your love!


Our address:

Hans & Lindsay Nyberg
Casilla #310
Cochabamba, Bolivia

Phone (rings on our computer): 906-523-2577

Friends, Fellowship, and Fun

This past weekend may have been busy, but it sure was a lot of fun! Friday, I met my friend Emily for lunch and we continued our discussions about living in Bolivia. Emily has been in Bolivia as long as we have and she has been a blessing to me as we talk about what God has been teaching us about ourselves and living in another country. And for dinner, Hans and I had Laura and Reuben over for dinner. (They’re two of our Bolivian friends from the college group at the church we’ve been attending.) It was so much fun to talk to them and Reuben taught us a lot about the university system in Bolivia.

On Saturday, we celebrated the one-year-in-Bolivia anniversary of our friends, the Hathaway family, by throwing them a surprise party with some other missionaries. It was great to celebrate with them and share how they have touched the lives of those around them.

But our Saturday didn’t end with the party! Hans got together with some missionary guys that evening and I went to the jovenes meeting (college group) at church. It was odd to be there by myself, but it was fun! The speaker (whom I understood quite well!) spoke about how God desires more than to give us good things or to discipline us – but that He desires a deep relationship with us. After the meeting, we played a “game” where all of the guys left the room and the women were told to think of an insult to tell them when they came back in. The guys returned to the room and stood in front of one lady, listened to the insult, and gave her a flower. (In honor of día de la mujer – the day of the woman – which was Sunday.) Unfortunately, I didn’t catch the reason why we had to say something mean to the guys…  I didn’t understand that part. But I think it was something about how it’s hard to do nice things for people who are mean to you, but it’s still the right thing to do.

Sunday was a very exciting day! This weekend was the missions conference at Bethany Baptist and we video chatted with the church during the service. We were really disappointed at first because all the technology wasn’t working right and we couldn’t connect with the church. But just as we were getting ready to go to church here in Cochabamba, the church connected with us and we were able to see everyone and share what’s been happening with us in the past four months. It was great!!!

After speaking with the church in the U.S., we went to church here and made it in time to see the baby dedication of a family we know. After the service we watched the Collins’ kids with our friend, Abigail, while Dan was teaching a leadership seminar. We taught the three kids (ages 7, 5, and 3) to make houses of cards and they had a blast making them. It’s too bad we only had one deck of cards!

The whole weekend was very encouraging – to spend time with friends is such a blessing to us. And to be able to worship God on two continents was pretty cool, too!


May Newsletter

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