Training, Visiting, and a Wedding

We're traveling!

It’s time to travel! (This was taken at our first stop of the trip!)

Two weeks ago we left for a two-week “vacation”. Most of the two weeks weren’t really vacation (although not having to cook for two weeks made it feel that way) since we spent one week in Madison, WI, for training with InterVarsity and half of the next week visiting supporters (which also felt like vacation… we love getting to spend time with people!). The last part of our trip was spent in northern Ohio, visiting part of Hans’ extended family and attending his cousin’s wedding.

The training we attended was for planting an international InterVarsity chapter* at Michigan Tech. We’ve been trying to get something going for the past few years, and the training we received is going to help make that happen. We were matched with a coach (another InterVarsity staff who has experience planting a chapter) and were brought through several cycles of activities to help us really see how we can grow a student group that multiplies itself.

Our biggest takeaway from the week in Madison?

Students are seeds to be scattered, not sheep to be gathered.

We still have a lot of learning to do, but this is changing the way we think about campus ministry. My (Lindsay’s) parents arranged their plans to travel to Madison to visit while we were there, so we were able to spend a little time with them during the last two days of our stay. Plus, they spent one day with Caleb so he didn’t have to spend the whole time in childcare. We enjoyed seeing them… even if we were a little busy!

After the conference, we traveled to eastern Iowa and visited my college roommate and her family. It was a long overdue visit – the first time we’d seen them in almost five years! From Iowa, we drove eight long hours to Cincinnati, OH, and spent two nights there. Our friends took us to the Creation Museum in northern Kentucky, and we had a fun time with them there. Caleb’s favorite part of the museum was the petting zoo – he jumped right into the goat pen and didn’t want to leave! Petting the Goats

The last stop on our trip was in northern Ohio, where Hans has extended family. We celebrated his cousin’s wedding and spent time with family. After church on Sunday we went to Hans’ uncle’s house and had a big meal with all of the family that was still in town, then we walked around the farm and visited with the cows. Uncle Jerry had a week-old calf that was being bottle fed (its mother refused to care for it, which I’m told isn’t that uncommon for new mother cows). Caleb wasn’t too sure of the calf at first, but in the end he started enjoying its company with the rest of us!

Dancing with Caleb

I had the two best dancing partners at the wedding. Caleb wasn’t too sure of dancing at first, but by the time we left he was out on the dance floor with the other kids.

You know you want to ride a calf, too!

It was a long time away from home, but our boys did great traveling and we enjoyed the extra time we could spend as a family – even if a lot of it was in the car. We are finally settling back into life at home and are getting excited to make more plans for the fall semester. God renewed our passion for international ministry and for planting a group at MTU, and we’re excited to see what He is going to do with this new chapter!

For more pictures from our trip, check out our Flickr feed.

*If you’re confused about the term “chapter”, it’s the word InterVarsity uses to describe the individual InterVarsity group(s) at each school. Michigan Tech has an undergraduate InterVarsity chapter and now we are officially launching an international InterVarsity chapter.


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