Home Improvements

Life has been moving ahead at full steam, especially due to the large amounts of home improvements we’ve been working on the past few weeks. Hans spent almost all of last Thursday (his day off) sanding the drywall of the last bedroom. A few students came to help Hans prime the two remaining rooms on Saturday, and then Hans and I painted one room yesterday (Sunday). We finished up the crazy weekend of house work by painting Caleb’s room this morning – with his help. (Who knew our three-year-old is such a good painter?! He worked with us for an hour and actually was helpful without making any extra messes!)

With the baby due in less than two weeks, we were pushing pretty hard to finish and are in a pretty good spot. All we really need to do now is mop and set up furniture – it will be nice to have three finished bedrooms for the first time ever in this house!

It’s been nice having Hans’ flexible schedule (we moved his day off to Monday this week since his supervisor is visiting on Thursday) to be able to get more done. We’re all looking forward to having truly restful days off now that the pressing work is finished.

Finally done sanding!

It's primed!

Caleb likes to paint

All Done!

For some reason we only took pictures of one of the rooms when we were painting. Eventually we may get photos up of the completed rooms!


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