Good News!

I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to share our happy news with the (online) world. Most people close to us know already, and for a variety of reasons, I’m hesitant to share with everyone and anyone.

Not that it’s bad news – it’s very, very good news: we’re having a baby!! March 14, 2015, is baby’s due date, and in my opinion, it happens to be the one of the coolest Pi Days in this century (3/14/15 – the first five digits of pi are 3.1415, although properly rounded it is 3.1416…)

This time around I’ve had a hard time deciding how and when to share the news with social media. I know what it feels like to miscarry and then watch pregnancy announcements and new baby photos flood my Facebook feed. I know I have friends going through losses of their own right now. And so, I feel reluctance to share with Facebook, and somewhat, on the blog.

Lindsay and Caleb, Fall 2014

Caleb is one excited big brother-to-be!

But God has blessed us with a new life, and it would be wrong not to celebrate. We’re excited to have this little one join us and it’s been fun introducing Caleb to the idea of a baby in the house. Every once in a while he will put his hand on my belly and proudly announce that he “feels the baby.” (Which, I might add, is currently impossible. Soon enough!)

Sometimes I’m still scared that something might happen during this pregnancy, but I know that God is in control of my life and the baby’s life, and I’m doing my best to trust Him, regardless of what happens.


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One response to “Good News!”

  1. Aaron says :

    I’m just catching up on your blog updates. A belated congratulations are in order! Praying that God blesses this pregnancy! Happy Thanksgiving as well!

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