Our House’s Identity Crisis

Several people have asked me lately what the summer holds for us. For work, we’ve been spending time with students – taking advantage of the slower pace of summer life for most international students and working on behind-the-scenes ministry stuff (like preparing for next year and raising more support). Family-wise, we’ve been taking time for picnics and other summer fun, but one of the main things we’ve been doing involves power tools.


The house we bought was built with three bedrooms. Sometime between its construction and when the previous owner took residence, two of the bedrooms were combined into one. (Based on the wallpaper, carpet, and curtains in the room I’m guessing it was sometime in the 60’s or 70’s.) Since none of the aforementioned attributes of the room were desirable in this decade, I was anxious to remove them, plus we wanted a third bedroom. So our house has undergone another identity crisis and is becoming a three bedroom house once again.

We removed a closet in the big room (it had two on the same wall), changed the knob and tube wiring to new cable, and put up a wall. The electrical inspector comes tomorrow afternoon, and hopefully we will have the okay to continue. Then drywall will cover all of the ugly wallpaper and the holes in the walls, plus new windows will go in upstairs.

Though I wasn’t expecting it to be any different, I’ve learned that remodelling isn’t my favorite thing, but it is exciting to see progress each day. Caleb loves getting to “help.” (And he is helpful depending on the circumstance! I love that he is old enough to both want to help and be able to help in meaningful ways.) He also loves having our friend Chris around as he helps Hans.

It still seems like we have so much left to do, but it’s come a long way already. Just today we had friends help us take down a large tree in the front yard, plus the wall and door got added to the new room. It was a big day for changes at the Nyberg house! I’m looking forward to having more flexibility in how we can use our house – to have more space for guests and for the possibility of helping students who need short-term housing.

For more photos of the process, check out our Flickr account.

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2 responses to “Our House’s Identity Crisis”

  1. jon.mitchell50@gmail.com says :

    Hi Nybergs
    I am a fellow traveller that has had the opportunity to pass thru Bolivia twice. I am sure you will never forget your time there and your friends there will remain friends forever. We recently returned to Bolivia in May and visited many small churches. You can see some of our experience at our website, http://www.fbcstep.com
    All the best, Jon Mitchell

  2. Aunt Julie says :

    Like how your house is coming along.Caleb looks like daddies helper đŸ™‚

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