Easter Celebrations

Last year Easter surprised us. Life was moving full speed ahead and suddenly Easter morning dawned before we had really thought about any way of celebrating it. This year I wasn’t caught quite so unprepared!

Decorating Eggs

We have never dyed eggs as a family but I think it might just be something we do every year. It was fun to see Caleb’s reaction to the way the eggs were becoming colored – and he really liked helping to put them in the dye solutions! I forgot to use the time when we were dyeing the eggs to talk about why we were doing it and what Easter is about, probably because the entire time we were working I was imagining a cup of bright red, blue, or green dye spilling into Caleb’s lap, but we did talk a little about what Easter is after we finished. And now that I know how nerve-wracking egg dyeing can be, I can plan ahead to talk about why we’re doing it before or after the process!

Decorating Eggs

We colored the eggs using food coloring (I found it on Martha Stewart’s website) – we used 1 cup of hot water and added 1 tsp vinegar and 15 drops of food coloring. It worked great, although when the eggs warmed up after coming out of the fridge, a little dye rubbed off onto our fingers!

On Sunday, we celebrated with those at church with Bethany’s tradition of a pancake breakfast before the Easter service. I was working in the toddler class during the service (the class gives the 2- and 3-year-olds somewhere to learn and wiggle while everyone else has to sit still and listen) and it was really exciting to see the kids grasp the theme of the lesson. It was the first time they’ve done that while I’ve been teaching and to hear them say, “Jesus is alive!” at the end of our time together was really exciting.

To end our Easter celebration we welcomed 5 international students and a friend from church to join us for Easter dinner. I did my best to make it a traditional dinner and it was a great time to talk, get to know each other better, and enjoy lots of food. It was a simple way to celebrate the resurrection of Christ, but it was a good way.

It struck me this year that we spend a whole month getting ready to celebrate Christmas, with lots of traditions and reminders of the coming day, but Easter doesn’t get nearly as much fanfare. Next year I hope to be able to start a few new family traditions to help focus our celebration of Easter onto Jesus and to help teach Caleb that Christ’s resurrection is such an important thing to celebrate.

Easter 2014 Family Photo

The Nybergs, Easter 2014


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One response to “Easter Celebrations”

  1. Vivian Henry says :


    I’ve always thought of you as such a special gal–so I/m  enjoying getting all  rhe news about you and your family May GOD?S blessings be showered upon you  is my prayer.

    Love ya

    Vivian Henry

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