Good Food, New Friends, and (a little) Less Snow

Spring has finally sprung (at least for the weekend, although the forecast is looking good in the Keweenaw next week!) and we’ve slowly been coming out of our winter shells. Caleb has finally decided he likes going outside – which has been encouraged by 30 degree weather, instead of the subzero climate we enjoyed all winter – and we’ve gotten out for some fun water-splashing walks in the past week.

Fashion Show

Photo Credit: Nokster’s Photography; Dress designed by Jennifer Akese Koranteng

We’ve had some fun since our last post: I modelled in a fashion show for African Night, Hans spent a week with students in Milwaukee over spring break, and Caleb and I spent some of that week visiting my parents in Minnesota. It was nice to see family and enjoy a giant fish fry hosted by my cousin¬† – complete with lots of yummy fish he and his family caught ice fishing and halibut brought down from family in Alaska. Caleb didn’t care for the fish, but I definitely enjoyed enough for both of us!

The Friday that Caleb and I were in Minnesota, Hans hosted an international potluck at our house and enjoyed lots of food and friends. He had the honor of meeting a family from Ecuador (and speaking Spanish with them!) and yesterday Caleb and I were able to meet them as well. I love that we get the privilege of meeting and getting to know so many people from so many places. And it was extra special to have someone to talk to in Spanish!

Students We’ve also begun hosting a group of freshman InterVarsity students on Saturday mornings for brunch and training in evangelism. They had been meeting on and off for the past few months, but wanted more training and we were happy to oblige! We have plans to meet for the next three weeks to continue looking at the different stages people experience in their journey to faith in Jesus. It was fun to hear conversations happening and see the students’ love for their friends who don’t know Jesus. (And I love feeding students, so it was fun to serve breakfast to them!)

With the promise of spring ahead, I’m excited to see what April holds. We’ll see what the next month brings in the Nyberg household!


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