What’s new with the Nybergs?

Since we haven’t updated much lately, I thought I would share a little from the past few months. Time is moving right along and we’ve been keeping busy. Doing what, you ask?


We spent Thanksgiving in Minnesota with my (Lindsay’s) family and Christmas in Escanaba with Hans’s family. Hans spent part of a week in St. Louis in early January for InterVarsity’s National Staff Conference, held every three years. He was lucky he made it with a big blizzard paralyzing travel in most of the mid-west, but thankfully was able to make it in time for the whole conference. A week after he returned he was on the road again for his last new staff training session, and arrived home just in time for Tech InterVarsity’s winter retreat. My mom came to visit us while he was gone at his training, and it was a lot of fun to have her with us for a few days.

In early February we travelled to a Spiritual Formation Retreat with InterVarsity as a family. It was great to have the flexibility to travel together, especially since Hans had been gone so much in January, and the retreat was a welcome break from the busy-ness of the semester. We focused on different ways to relate to God, which has been helpful jumping right back into busy life.

Looking Ahead: Hans travels to Milwaukee with Tech students for the Milwaukee Urban Plunge during spring break. They will spend time studying the Bible together seeing what it says about justice and racial reconciliation, and will serve in various ministry sites in Milwaukee. Pray that students will be challenged about these issues and that God will speak to them during their time there.

International Events

We’ve been both hosting and attending various events with international students. More details are here.

Speaking at Impact

Hans SpeakingHans spoke at Impact (InterVarsity’s large group meeting) in mid-January on Ephesians 4, the night the students left for the winter retreat. I had the opportunity to speak last Friday about how we see God in pop culture.

And of course, in between everything we’ve been shovelling snow… lots of it.


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One response to “What’s new with the Nybergs?”

  1. Emily says :

    Nybergs, I miss you!!! We need to catch up. So proud of you for the awesome work you do and your heart tuned to how the Lord wants to use you 🙂
    LOVE YOU!!!!

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