Celebrating Cultures

Our Bible studies on Saturday nights have continued to be a place of diverse cultures coming together in fellowship and study. Last week we had one of the largest (and mixed) groups yet:

  • Two Americans (the two of us)
  • Two Thai students
  • Two Indian students
  • Two Chinese students
  • Four Nigerian Students

As we study the book of Acts, we have seen how much Peter and Paul dealt with cultural issues, and it has been wonderful to look at it from the eyes of a group of people living in another culture.int'l dinner

International Dinners

Exam week we held a big Christmas party with international students where we ate lots of good food, learned a little about Christmas traditions, and had a white elephant gift exchange. (Caleb made out with a nerf shotgun, so he enjoyed his first white elephant experience!)

Since beginning the new semester, we’ve started holding international dinners again and had our first one last Saturday. The dinners were held every other week last year, and we didn’t realize how great it was to have a chance to eat and chat with international students we don’t see all of the time until we stopped holding the dinners. We’re excited to have them going again.

International Celebrations

We attended Chinese Night in January, which celebrates the Chinese New Year. The night included dinner and a performance, and we enjoyed yummy Chinese food (including one of our favorites – Chinese dumplings) and got to see the Chinese student group put their twist on the folk story The Lotus Lantern. Even though we’d never heard the story before it was easy to follow along and was very funny!

Looking Ahead: There are a bunch of other celebrations coming up. The first one is this tomorrow – African Night (March 1). International Night is March 23, Iranian New Year is March 29, and the Thai New Year Festival is April 5.

If you’re in the area and interested in attending one of these events, let us know and we’ll help you get tickets!


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