Thanksgiving, Two Weeks Early

Most people know that I (Lindsay) like to cook. In fact, I spend so much time in the kitchen, that Caleb’s favorite activity is “cooking” and he has claimed the seldom used, small pots and pans for his personal use in the living room. In spite of all of my experience in the kitchen, last Saturday had me a little concerned about roasting my first turkey.

Of course, I wouldn’t have been as nervous if the turkey was for a small group of friends and family. But we had sent an invitation to IFA (the international student ministry we work with), inviting the 200 people on the email list to a Thanksgiving-themed potluck at our house. Come Saturday morning, I was starting to sweat a little when I thought about roasting the 17.5 pound turkey sitting in the refrigerator. And the two loaves of bread spread out on the counter waiting to be made into dressing taunted me with the fact that I still hadn’t figured out how I was going to bake it at the same time as the turkey.

In one of my semi-panicked phone calls to my mom, she told me, “Maybe you should have bought a smaller turkey since this is the first time you are roasting one.” I was starting to agree, especially when I realized that we might not have many people show up.

Two hours before I expected it the little button on the turkey popped, so we kept the turkey in the still-warm oven, hoping it wouldn’t dry out. But one problem was fixed and I baked the dressing without a problem (and the turkey stayed hot enough without overcooking, too!) And at 6:00, our doorbell rang and for the next 20 minutes we had a stream of people filling our entryway. Caleb charmed students on the couch while Hans carved the turkey and I helped organize the kitchen. And the fear of two weeks of turkey leftovers disappeared.

About 30 people came to join us for dinner, and everyone had a great time talking and eating. I didn’t know most of those who came, and it was great to meet everyone and get to know them a little. I’m looking forward to having more potlucks in the future – especially if I don’t have to roast a turkey!

Thankgiving potluck 1

Thankgiving Potluck-2



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