It’s Been a While!

I (Lindsay) can’t believe it’s been months since we shared anything with you! Since buying our house we’ve had a lot of activity, even with the slower pace of summer. We’ve been enjoying all of the sunshine and the warmer weather, especially since we’ve been doing so much yard work lately!

Here’s a brief summary of our summer so far:

Cedar Campus
We spent a week at InterVarsity’s camp on the other side of the UP in early May. I volunteered in the kitchen while Hans spent time with the leaders from MTU. It was a great time of fellowship with the chapter and of vulnerability and openness. Caleb spent the week with Hans’ parents and had a blast with them, too!

MTU Students at Cedar Campus

Orientation for New Staff
Every new staff with InterVarsity is expected to attend an orientation conference in Madison, WI. We couldn’t make it last year, so we attended this year as a family. It was an incredible time of Bible study and other talks and discussions that helped us to view our role on campus in a new light.


Our small group at training. We had the best group there!

Fourth of July with Hans’ family
Caleb got to see his first two parades while we spent time with Hans’ parents over the Fourth of July. He loved the fire trucks and was excited to see Hans’ dad marching with the city band. We really enjoyed all of the time we spent with Hans’ family – catching up with lots of aunts, uncles, cousins, and Hans’ immediate family.

Picking (and eating!) strawberries
When we mentioned to some international friends that we were planning to pick strawberries, they became very excited and asked if they could come along. Not only did they come along, they invited a bunch of friends and we had a big strawberry picking party. As the day approached I was more and more nervous as each farm I called was closed. A friend referred us to a farm past Lake Linden and we went to pick the last of their strawberries. Hans and I picked 14 quarts and while the rest of the group didn’t pick quite as many as we did, they did well, too!

That day we picked strawberries, a group of 20 international students got together and we all cooked pizza and strawberry tarts for dinner. It was a lot of fun, and Caleb enjoyed eating all of those strawberries. (Strawberry is one of his many new words and every day he informs me that he wants to eat “awberries”!)

Making pizza and strawberry tarts. It was so much fun that we’re planning to cook Chinese food this Friday!

This part of our summer is still being written, but we’ve loved having the space to host visitors more this summer! Let us know if you’re looking for a place to stay… for now we just have a couch, but we hope to have a spare bed soon!


My mom is our most recent visitor. Caleb has been enjoying his time with Grandma!

Yard work (and house projects)
I knew buying a house meant we’d have a lot of home improvements to work on, but I didn’t realize how many of the improvements would center on our yard this year! We have been working to tame the jungle that has grown up in the last decade and are succeeding. Now if we just knew what to do with all of that brush!

It’s not an action shot, but we’ve been pulling trees out of our yard on and off since it warmed up. We decided to leave one here to see if it will grow and give us shade.

Plus we just took out the ugly greenish shag carpet from our bedroom. Once we get rid of the ugly green wallpaper, the room will feel much more like it belongs to us!

It’s been quite the summer, between moving, travelling, and settling in to our house. But we are thankful for all of the opportunities we’ve had to spend time with people. We’ve only got a few weeks left before students arrive for the fall semester and if the beginning of the summer has been any indication, the end is going to be great, too!


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