Movie Night!

It seems that lately our weeks are full and our weekends are fuller. Between Hans’s work with students (which mainly fills afternoons and evenings) and family activities, we’ve been going strong. And when you add house hunting to the mix, it’s gotten a little crazy in the past few days.

Tambien la Lluvia

We’ve been meeting with the students going to Bolivia every Saturday. I started making breakfast for the group and they decided the ten minute trip to Dollar Bay was worth it. (They were meeting on campus until three weeks ago.) Since next weekend is the beginning of spring break, we had them over for a movie night instead of a morning breakfast and watched También la Lluvia (Even the Rain), which is set in Cochabamba in 2000. It’s the story of two filmmakers who are producing a film about Christopher Columbus’s arrival in the Americas and the cruelty which then occurred to the indigenous people the Spaniards interacted with. At the same time they are making the film, the water wars are erupting – as the city cries out against the foreign owned, privatized, and expensive water company.

It’s the first time we’ve watched the movie since moving back to the States and it was fun to see streets we knew well. The group was interested in how the water wars were resolved and we spent awhile talking about Bolivia and the inequality that still exists there. We’re excited to see how God uses the group through their time in Bolivia – and how He teaches, challenges, and changes them.

In other news, we’ve been viewing houses sporadically and haven’t seen anything we liked until last Friday, when we found a house we really like. Later that day we found out that there are others interested in the house as well. With that phone call coming late Friday afternoon, today has been a day of phone calls and emails to get everything organized. We make an offer tomorrow morning!


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