It’s Already February?

We haven’t posted recently, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy!

Baking cookies

Before Christmas, we had the students in our Couples Small Group over for a mini-Christmas party.

Hans is currently travelling (for the fourth time in two months, not including our family travels for Christmas!) and should be home late tomorrow night. He’s enjoying sunny, warm Mexico City, learning all about leading an InterVarsity Global Project. There is a group of students from Tech headed to Cochabamba this summer, and while the trip won’t be an official global project with InterVarsity this year, the goal is to establish a long-term relationship between students in the UP and in Bolivia, and send global projects in the future. We’re really bummed that we won’t get to go with the group, but are really excited that they will be living in “our” city in Bolivia and meeting our old teammates and friends. And so, Hans is learning all about how InterVarsity does short-term missions trips so he can help prepare the group for their trip this summer.

Our busy schedule helped December and January to fly by (I can’t believe it’s already February). We took advantage of Hans’s lighter schedule during the Christmas break and met with friends and supporters. Hans was gone to the Urbana Missions Conference for the week between Christmas and New Years’ and Caleb and I enjoyed spending some of that time in Minnesota with my parents, and some of that time at home. One thing I really appreciate this year is living close enough to our parents to visit them every few months… and I know they are enjoying it as well!

Caleb on Christmas Eve

At Grandma and Grandpa’s house on Christmas Eve.

Last weekend was InterVarsity’s winter retreat and Caleb and I were able to attend part of it. It was really nice to have more time with students and Caleb loved all of the attention they gave him. He particularly enjoyed the music and at one point when the band was playing, he walked up to the guitar player with his hand outstretched to strum along with him. The theme of the retreat was “Jesus, Our King” and challenged us to treat Christ as King in our lives – coming to Him reverently and with fear.

Photo from Eric Hackney

Photo from Eric Hackney


We’re enjoying the snow, but I am definitely ready for spring. Too bad we have a few more months of winter ahead of us!

With a busy start to the year, I’m excited to see what lies ahead of us in the months to come!


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