New Routines

Since arriving in Dollar Bay, we’ve finally settled into a “normal” routine. It’s been nice to have our own space, with our own routines. (If you’ve ever spent a significant amount of time living with other people, you know what I mean!) I use quotes around normal because it’s been a little different than the average 9-5 schedule.

Last week, Hans started working with students at Tech… meaning he was gone a lot. This year, a group consisting primarily of international Christians started a new student organization called the International Fellowship Association (IFA). Because almost all new international students at MTU were arriving or had arrived by last week, IFA sponsored activities every day as a way to introduce the organization, for students meet each other, and to have fun.

Hiking Hungarian Falls with new friends!

Hiking Hungarian Falls with students

Caleb and I were able to tag along to a few events, and we really enjoyed meeting students while hiking Hungarian Falls (and learning how to make pizza afterward) and had fun at the International Welcome Picnic. There were over 250 people attending the picnic and everyone I talked to said it was great to have an opportunity to meet so many people and try so many wonderful new foods!

Students enjoying the International Welcome Picnic last Saturday

This week, Hans has been on campus working mainly with undergraduate students – orientation week is going on right now and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship has a bunch of events planned to get to know incoming students. Those events aren’t as conducive to a one-year-old’s schedule, so Caleb and I are staying home.

Overall, it’s nice to be in our new routine – even if it means Hans has been out for a lot of evenings. We’re looking forward to when things calm down a little next week so we can spend more time together as a family – and have opportunities to meet the students Hans is working with!


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