Home, Sweet Home… Part 2

Almost exactly three years ago, after staying with our families for a month before leaving for Bolivia and host families for two months once we arrived, we moved into our first home in Bolivia.  Our first trip to the market – thanks to the help of a good friend – proved to be quite successful.

Now, it feels a little deja-vu-ish.  After staying with friends and family for over seven weeks, we’ve finally arrived and started settling in to our new home.  Our first trip to the grocery store to stock up – although we did it alone and it was less overwhelming than shopping in the market the first time – was also a success.

After our first trip to the market, in 2009.

Stocking Up

Obviously, a lot has changed in these three years, especially the little guy in the second picture.  But as much as our lives have changed, God remains faithful, and we have seen – and experienced – his faithfulness more over these past few years than we have in our lives leading up to that point.  Praise God for his faithfulness.


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