The Nyberg Family Tour 2012

Our trip to date: We started on July 2 in Aurora, MN, where Lindsay’s parents live, and will arrive back at their house on July 30. The blue dots are at the upcoming stops on our tour.

The Nyberg family is back in the States and has been on the move since arriving a month ago. After a crazy week where we travelled from Bolivia to Virginia, where we spent time with Hans’ sister and her husband, to debriefing at WorldVenture’s office in Denver, to Minnesota where we spent a few days with my family before heading east to Hans’ parents’ house, we were glad to stay in one place for a couple of weeks. But with Hans’ youngest sister getting married while we were there, we still kept busy!

Our trip from Minnesota to Michigan started our (large) loop around Lake Michigan. We’ve now been in downstate Michigan and Ohio for a week, and so far have driven over 1500 miles since we left. We are enjoying meeting with friends, supporters, and family, and feel blessed to have this opportunity to catch up with so many people. And as we travel, we are working to raise more support with the goal that Hans will be fully funded with InterVarsity by the time that students arrive at Tech next month.

We’re looking forward to settling into our apartment in Dollar Bay in August. For now, the plan is to move in on the 9th or 10th, and we hope to be posting more frequently once life settles down.


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