It’s not as easy as it seems…

Two weeks ago we invited the jovenes (college students) from church over to play games. We’ve had them over several times before, but not for the specific reason of playing games. (Although, they do ask to play Dutch Blitz every time they come over, so we’ve played games with them before.)

Game Night

This time, I was able to play Dutch Blitz with a bunch of students because Caleb was happily walking around the apartment in his walker. While we were playing, Hans introduced the rest of the group to Bohnanza, a card game that involves planting beans and harvesting them for gold coins. He later told me that he thinks it is easier to lead Bible study in Spanish than it was to teach the group to play the game in Spanish!

Game NightOne of the girls in the group celebrated her birthday earlier in the week, so the jovenes surprised her with a birthday cake. She took the traditional “bite” of the cake, but the group was nice to her and didn’t smash it in her face. (Yep, it’s a real tradition here. We’ve both had birthday cake smashed in our faces!)

Game Night

Game Night

I know I’ve said it before, but we are thankful for our friendships at church and for the ability to host the jovenes in our apartment! We’re going to miss them a lot.


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2 responses to “It’s not as easy as it seems…”

  1. Amanda Rossman says :

    I love Bohnanza! Are you guys going to be in the UP by the beginning of June-Matt and I are planning on coming up then for Dave Clark’s wedding.

    • Hans & Lindsay Nyberg says :

      We love Bohnanza, too! We aren’t leaving Bolivia until the end of June, so we won’t be around when you are in the UP. We’ll be with family for awhile and are hoping to move to Houghton sometime in early August.

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