…and things we’re looking forward to

As we prepare to leave Bolivia after living here for three years, we have been thinking about both things we’ll miss about being here and things we’re looking forward to once we get to Michigan.  Here’s the second part of the list, in no particular order:

Some things we’re looking forward to in Michigan

  • Clean, safe tap water that doesn’t have to be boiled
  • Being much closer to family
  • Four distinct seasons, instead of (1) cool and sunny, (2) hot, sunny, and sometimes windy, (3) rainy and cloudy, and (4) hot and sunny.
  • Not having to chase after gas trucks to get more gas for cooking
  • Our new ministry with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
  • "Bolivian Police; Stop; Highway Patrol"Roads that are only closed for construction, not frequent protests
  • Using what God has shown us in Bolivia to advocate for world missions in Michigan
  • Hot water from the tap
  • Living in a small town, not a large city
  • Being able to clearly understand doctors and other important people (in English)
  • Enjoying God’s beautiful creation (not just in city parks)
  • No unexpected food items

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