Pancake Fundraiser

After teaching the jovenes how to make pancakes last week, they decided to make some to sell on Sunday night to raise some money for the new roof for the church court.

Church AnniversaryRecently, our church has decided that their biggest priority on their property is a metal roof over the volleyball court.  Not only used for sports, the church uses it for large events that wouldn’t fit in the sanctuary.

For example, during the church’s yearly anniversary celebration, they hang a gigantic plastic tarp over the court to provide shade.

Church Anniversary

Our church recently hosted a volleyball tournament among several churches in the southern district of Cochabamba, and although it’s possible, playing sports in the intense sun (or rain) at this elevation is not fun.  As a result of the tournament, a new Bless volleyball team started up in the south of the city, and its “base of operations” is our church, where all practices are held.  Currently no Baptist churches in the south have a covered court, and constructing one could open up many opportunities for sports ministry, large district-wide services, evangelistic outreaches, and community events.

So to begin raising the $12,000 to $15,000 needed for the roof, the jovenes sold coffee and pancakes, recipe courtesy of Lindsay:
PancakesIt’s a long way to go, but we love seeing these friends try new things and work together for a common goal.


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