Reto de Valientes

Sunday night was the inauguration of the new projector the church recently purchased, and they decided to show the newly-released “Reto de Valientes” (“Courageous,” in English).  Now, I can’t comment too much on the movie until I see it in English and without a fussy, teething baby (although my initial impression is positive), but we did enjoy the evening with the church.

As with most church events (including birthday parties and potlucks), we started with a few worship songs; this time, led by a guitar and charango. Unlike most church events, we started relatively on time (7:30pm, for an announced 7:00pm start time). 🙂


Showing off the new projector.

When we arrived with Caleb in the aguayo, he was quickly snatched away by one of the women who has told us several times, "Bring an aguayo so I can carry him!"


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