“Pancakes are that easy?”

On Sunday the youth pastor at our church asked if we would like to host a group of college and high school students on Wednesday night. We thought it sounded like a good idea and figured we would talk, maybe play a game or two, and eat some snacks together. Wednesday afternoon, the pastor called and asked if I (Lindsay) would teach the group how to make pancakes. And that is what we did…

Mixing the batter

Everyone was surprised that pancakes are so easy to make. "You mean you just have to mix everything together?" was the question of the night.

Frying pancakes

They were also surprised that the pancakes were "fried" in such a small amount of oil.

Mmmm... pancakes!

Dutch Blitz

We taught the group to play Dutch Blitz a few gatherings ago and now it comes out every time they're over. Some of them are getting pretty good!

Lourdes, the mother of two of the high school girls, was holding Caleb when she saw the aguayo hanging up in the corner. She carried him around like this for a few minutes. I need to ask her to teach me how to carry him on my back!

We had a great time hanging out with the group. Up next on the agenda is for them to teach us how to cook a Bolivian meal. And with all of the requests I’ve had to teach everyone to make pumpkin pie, we’ll be having more than one cooking night! We are so thankful that our apartment is great for hosting groups… it’s a blessing to be able to open our home!


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