A Walk through the Market

Last week we went shopping, once again, in Cochabamba’s giant open air market, La Cancha. We were originally told it is 10 blocks by 10 blocks, and estimating how large we know it is, that’s probably not too far off. But then, there’s no decisive end to the market, so you could argue it’s bigger than that.

We usually don’t bring a camera since there are so many people and it’s a prime place for pick-pockets. But this time Hans discretely snapped photos while we walked around (hence the crooked shots) and we got a few great ones.

Scenes like this used to make me stressed, but now I enjoy "window shopping".

Shoes, anyone?

Notice the plastic wrap encasing the shoes... it keeps the dirt off!

This lady is peeling tuna - a cactus fruit. They appear this time of year (summer) and are prickly.

A lot of new sights.

A lot of people set up shop on the side of the street.


It’s no Target, but it works for us!


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One response to “A Walk through the Market”

  1. Jon Mitchell says :

    Hi – your blog and photos bring back a lot of good memories for me and my team who were in that market in October when we were staying at the BBU offices. I got a belt made and pants altered in 30 minutes, great service! Blessings to you from up here in Canada. we are experiencing some real winter weather here, with the temperature hitting minus 35 celcius yesterday. We admired the fortitude of the people there, patiently waiting to sell a few goods each day.

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