Birthday Celebration

Last Wednesday, we had a group of college students from church over. We planned to watch a movie, but it didn’t happen because we spent two hours talking instead. (It was great!) The last time we had the group over, several of the girls told me (Lindsay) that I needed to try “cabanitas” – a type of fish that is served by restaurants at the Angostura reservoir. On Wednesday they reiterated their desire for me to try cabanitas, and an excursion was planned to the Angostura after church on Sunday.

Sunday just happened to be my birthday, so I got a neat birthday celebration out of the deal! About twenty of us (children included) piled into a car and a truck and made our way half an hour south of Cochabamba to the lake. It was a beautiful day and the first time I’d been that far south of the city. The reservoir’s no Lake Superior, but it was nice to be near water!


The Appetizer

Five plates of these little guys were brought out as appetizers. Not knowing what I had ordered I was afraid this was my meal... but it wasn't! Normally I refuse to eat anything that can look at me, but I made an exception and tried a few little fishies. They weren't bad!


Our meal! Hans had the trout (center) and I had cabanitas which are a type of fried filets (upper left). It was really good!

Miqui and Noelia

Like any two month old, Caleb stole the show. As always, he was passed around!

We had a lot of fun with friends and the food was wonderful. What more can a girl wish for on her birthday?


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