Church’s Day Out

On Sunday, our church had a special “service” – we went to a park for a day of fun! The main purpose for the day was to spend time in fellowship as a group and to celebrate two baptisms. We had a great time getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city – playing sports, chatting with friends, and, of course, enjoying yummy food!

Singing "Padre Abraham"

To start the day, we sang "Padre Abraham" (Father Abraham) as a big group to the music of a charango (center; a small stringed instrument traditionally made from an armadillo shell).

Jovenes (college students) from church

Chilling with a bunch of jovenes (college students) and teens before the sports began.


Everyone wanted Hans to be on their basketball team, since he's a good foot taller than almost everyone!


Hans also played fútbol and had three good headers in the game.

Another Baptism!

A big reason for the outing was to celebrate baptisms, and two of the jovenes from our Sunday School class got baptised!

A Baptism!

The baptisms were in an (unheated) outdoor pool... the sun was warm, but the water was chilly!

The pastors and newly baptised church members

The pastors and the newly baptised jovenes!

Our first Bolivian potluck!!

This was our first Bolivian potluck. We didn't know what to expect, since they aren't common here. Everyone got to go through the line to fill up on rice, potatos, and pasta, and Pastor Miguel dished up the meat. We brought tuna macaroni salad and pumpkin bread... and everybody liked it. Now several ladies want Lindsay to teach them to bake!

It was a fabulous day. We can't wait for the next outing!


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