Winter Days

As we’ve probably mentioned before, the seasons in South America are opposite the seasons in North America – so while most of you are sweating in the heat, we’re enjoying cooler “wintery” temperatures. For us, winter in Cochabamba is pleasant, since it reminds us of spring in the U.P.

Bolivians tend not to agree with us…

For some reason, a lot of dogs wear sweaters this time of year. They’ve had their extra layer for about two months now. Then I think about all of those cold, suffering dogs in the U.P. every winter… without sweaters!  🙂

And everyone keeps telling me to bundle up... I've even been told a few times that I need to put more clothes on for the health of the baby! But I'm enjoying the cooler weather since baby Nyberg is keeping me toasty. And for the first time since I've known Hans, he needs a sweatshirt when I don't!

In all fairness, it has been a bit chilly – in the 30s and 40s at night – and central heat doesn’t exist. Some families use space heaters, but they can’t heat your entire home. And all buildings are made of concrete and brick or adobe, so they tend to get chilly and stay chilly. In higher regions of Bolivia, the cold is more extreme (El Alto had snow last night) and most families in the country don’t have space heaters to help combat the cold.

But to us, winter in Cochabamba isn’t really winter – it gets up to the 70s every afternoon (in the sun). And winter isn’t winter without snow, right?


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  1. Ray and Marlene says :

    Happy anniversary !

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