Happy Mother’s Day!

Today is Mother’s Day in Bolivia and people all over Cochabamba are celebrating with their moms. It surprises me again this year how big of a day it is – outside the movie theater there was a big tent set up with vendors selling flowers and other goodies for mom. The cooks for the restaurant we live above were in at 6:00 this morning (instead of their normal 7:30) preparing for a very large lunch crowd (extra tables were even set outside). And several schools had the day off, or a program to honor the moms.

Eating in the Driveway...

The restaurant in our building set up several tables in the driveway to accommodate the extra Mother's Day diners!

How did I celebrate my first Mother’s Day? Well, with just a normal day…  but a few things did make it special:

  • At the market this morning all of the ladies I normally buy from wished me a happy Mother’s Day. Naturally, I returned the good wishes.
  • At school this morning there were salteñas (a yummy Bolivian snack) in honor of the occasion. (Plus today was the last day of classes for the year – a few days for exams and we’re all done!)
  • I received a phone call from one of our pastors at church wishing me a happy Mother’s Day and on Sunday there will be a special program at church.

All that, and baby Nyberg isn’t even here yet!

27 weeks!

27 weeks!

It may not be Mother’s Day in the US, but I couldn’t end this post without mentioning the two moms in our lives. We’re so thankful for our moms – and as we become parents, I’m sure we’ll be more and more thankful for them. Happy Mother’s Day, Sharon and Mary!!


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One response to “Happy Mother’s Day!”

  1. Carol O'Donnell says :

    Thank you for including me in your letter. I remember my first Mother’s Day when I was expecting. Made me feel so special, and yes, blessed. Such an honor to be part of that miracle!
    Love to you both!

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