One Basket

Like many churches in the US, ours has a basket to collect food for those that don’t have enough.  Unlike churches in the US, the food isn’t taken to a food pantry to be dispersed; rather, it’s provided directly to those that need it.  Sunday was one of those days.

During every service, there is a time for visitors to go up to the front of the church and introduce themselves.  The pastors welcome them, and each visitor is given time to share their names, where they are from, and if they were invited to church by anyone.

One of the visitors this past Sunday, Isabella, was asked to remain up at the front after being introduced.  With a three-year-old daughter standing by her side and a one-year-old in her arms, she was presented a small laundry basket of pasta, rice, shampoo, and other staples.  She tearfully received this basket as someone explained that Isabella was a young, recent widow and had difficulty obtaining a job with two young children to care for.  The dirty clothing they wore and the tired expression on Isabella’s face revealed the pain and challenges of their loss, yet the relief and gratefulness of receiving these items were visible in her eyes.

As the service ended, everything having been transferred to bags, the empty basket was returned to the front, ready to bless one more family.

Please pray for Isabella and thousands of others like her, each with their unique story.  Pray that the Church would provide, not just with physical items, but with the hope of restoration that comes though faith in Jesus Christ.


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