Welcome to Bolivia!

Welcome to Cochabamba!

One of the first things my (Lindsay) family saw when them walked of the airplane a week ago was this cheery sign welcoming them to Cochabamba. (Of course, they saw us before they saw the sign!) Since they arrived, we’ve been having a great time together. Here’s a sampling of what we’ve been up to…


Pique Macho!

Food! We all like food and we've been exploring Cochabamba's reputation (it's the Bolivian city most known for its food)! When we went to one of our favorite restaurants, Mitch enjoyed a big plate of pique macho, one of Cochabamba's signature dishes. What he didn't know was why it's called pique MACHO - there are really spicy chilis in that pile. He threw a whole slice in his mouth thinking it was just a green pepper...


At the Market

Shopping! We visited the weekly market that sets up each Friday morning near our apartment (shown above) and yesterday, braved the crowds in La Cancha - the largest open air market in South America


Playing with Pig Intestines

Making Sausage! Mitch, Dad, and Hans helped our teammates with some of their first batches of sausage. The sausage making is part of a business-as-mission project that will help finance other projects here in Bolivia. Above, the guys are untangling and cleaning the sausage casings.


Merry Christmas!

Celebrating Christmas! Mom and I made many, many Christmas cookies together, everyone atteneded the Christmas service at church, and we exchanged gifts. We also had a friend over to eat Christmas dinner with us. It was great being able to spend Christmas with family!



Walking! We've gone on several walks (including to an ice cream shop!) and Mom loves all of the flowers on the trees. She made sure to get a few photos!


Buying Dvds

Movies! We've bought (and watched!) some movies. This movie vendor was set up right outside one of the restaurants we ate at and Mitch and Dad each picked out a movie.


Mom, Dad, and Mitch

Spending Time Together!! The best part of having my family here is spending time with them. As you can see, we've done many different things together, but the best part is that we get to be together. Thanks for coming to visit us, Mom, Dad, and Mitch! We love having you here!



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One response to “Welcome to Bolivia!”

  1. Marlene Giese says :

    Lindsay – Your photos are fun to see. Looks like everyone is having a great time. I’m glad your family got to spend the holidays with you – I know Chuck and Sharon were excited to see you both! We made sausage at Thanksgiving and my job was cleaning and untangling the casings. Chuck & Mitch looked like they were having fun. I hope your year of teaching is going well.

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