The Cochabamba Influence

Cochabamba, Bolivia is known for its food.  It’s residents are known for eating… a lot.

And it’s rubbed off on us.  Since arriving 18 months ago, almost one out of five of our blog posts is tagged “Food.”  When we travel to other cities in Bolivia, we’re often disappointed at the small selection of restaurants.  (The street we live on has six restaurants within 4 blocks of our apartment – not including side streets!  Granted, we live near the university, but still…)

I looked back at our post about last Thanksgiving and noticed the plate of food.  Well, what I noticed was how skimpy it looked compared to this year’s.

2009 Thanksgiving Plate

2009 Thanksgiving

2010 Thanksgiving Plate

2010 Thanksgiving

When we moved in to our apartment, we were hoping to use the large dining/living room to be able to invite people over.  We’ve since had quite a few potlucks and meals with our WorldVenture team and other friends.

Last Thursday’s meal topped them all.  We welcomed 11 of our teammates over for a Thanksgiving potluck feast.  Although we substituted chicken for turkey because of the cost, I don’t think it could have been better.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Filling up the Plates


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