Dale and Mary’s Visit

Back in September we were blessed to have Hans’ parents with us for a few weeks. It was so great to have them here… and did the time fly by! I’ve finally gotten around to getting some of the pictures up from their trip, and hope you enjoy them! Unfortunately, we forgot to bring a camera with us a lot, so we don’t have a ton of pictures from their time with us. Most of what we have is from our trip to La Paz and Copacabana.

Group Photo at the Cristo


Una Paceña

A woman from La Paz - she's wearing the traditional clothing of the region. So beautiful!


Selling Fruit

A fruit stand, just down the street from our hotel in La Paz.


Dried Llama Fetuses

These are dried llama fetuses. They're used in Andean rituals to bring blessing, often buried in a foundation of a house or in a farm field, or burned. They're really not so bad once you get used to the idea. Dale was intrigued and wanted us to get a picture.


Lunch Time!


On our way to Copacabana

On the way to Copacabana there's a lake crossing and there's no bridge. To get across all the passengers take a ferry and the vehicles go across on barges.



Copacabana. So calm, quiet, quaint. On a big lake. Hans and I decided it reminded us of Houghton.


Island of the Sun

La Isla del Sol (The Island of the Sun) - we visited for an afternoon. The land in the forground is the island, and the mainland is on the other side of the water. The island was an important religious location in the Incan Empire.


Dale and Mary

It was great having you with us. We miss you!



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2 responses to “Dale and Mary’s Visit”

  1. Em says :

    All I could think of when I read this post was,
    “Lindsay is the ONLY person in the world who could make me miss her by posting a picture of LLAMA FETUSES.”

    Remember when we saw them at La Cancha and I freaked out? And you were like, whatever, they’re just llama fetuses, and kept bartering with the fabric lady…

    LOVED your email (and Hans’ too!), and I’ve been thinking about and missing you a tonnnnnnnn. I’ll give you a call in the next few days! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. benton says :

    Those fetuses are gross. I know this is an old post, but I hadn’t seen it before. At least they’re by little statutes and not food items…

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