Our Smelly City

One part of life in Bolivia is accepting the strikes and road blocks.  Normally when a group of people are upset, they block the roads in order to get their way or make their point known.  They negotiate a day or two with the government, and life returns to normal.

Well, we’ve heard, or rather smelled, the complaints of the residents of K’ara K’ara, where the Cochabamba landfill is.  They blocked the entrance to the dump, and the garbage started to accumulate.

This has happened at least a couple times since we moved here.  Essentially, the big issue is that the community living near the dump wants it closed, now.  They’re upset at the company that was contracted to close it because  “it’s a construction company that doesn’t have the necessary experience to complete the job…” (If you’re interested, here’s an article in the Cochabamba newspaper that discusses it.)  The problem is, as far as I’ve heard, that there isn’t a new dump yet, so good luck stopping all incoming garbage to the existing dump.  It has to go somewhere…

The issue was resolved in the last day or two, after nine days, so we’re back to normal, with empty dumpsters outside.  One good thing that came from the negotiations is that there are now plans to build a recycling plant and install dumpsters for recyclables in the city.  We’ll see what happens…

Oh, by the way, this is our 100th post on the blog… I hope all of our posts haven’t been, um, garbage…


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2 responses to “Our Smelly City”

  1. Tyler says :

    That looks disgusting.
    Hans, you might not have noticed (the local language may be so easy for you to switch to by now), but the article you referred to was not English.

    • thenybergs says :

      Tyler, should I include a link to Google Translate? 🙂

      It’s still not super easy for me to read articles in Spanish – the language in the newspaper a lot more complicated than normal day-to-day conversations….

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