Flying Sola!

Monday night Hans left on a bus with the final destination of Bermejo, Bolivia. It’s a small town on the border of Bolivia and Argentina that we visited in May. He’s there with a short-term team from the States, helping Marcelo and Elie (a missionary couple from Argentina) and their church. The team is helping the church-plant finish their new church building and is doing some projects with the kids in the neighborhood.

Since this was the third week of school at Carachipampa, it didn’t work out for me to go with the team so I’m here in Cochabamba… working and playing! I’ve been busy planning school lessons  and grading papers but still have found time to enjoy time with ladies I love!

On Wednesday our teammate, Laura, celebrated her birthday by having some gals up to her apartment. Several of the teachers from our language school were there and it was great to catch up with them!

Top that with dinner out one night, coffee with a dear newly-married friend another night, and a marathon two-hour phone call with my mom, and it’s made the week go by quickly!

Hans gets home Monday at noon. We’ll see how many coffee dates and dinners I can cram into the weekend!

And no… I didn’t spell solo wrong in the title. “Sola” means “alone” (for a girl) in Spanish, while “solo” is the male form of the word. 🙂


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One response to “Flying Sola!”

  1. Em says :

    I love you!!

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