And they lived happily ever after

On Saturday, our friends, Ariel and Vannia, got married in a beautiful ceremony. Ariel is the coordinator of the Bless Sports and Arts ministry, and we have known him since we stepped off the plane over a year ago (literally… we met him in the airport!) It was exciting to see two friends, so obviously in love, get married.

With Ariel and Vannia

During the ceremony I was surprised to see several guests standing in front of the bride and groom, taking pictures. While I didn’t have the courage to go up there, I’m sure they  got great pictures!

Getting Hitched!

Because Ariel and Vannia had their civil ceremony a week before their religious ceremony, the wedding was very similar to an American wedding. (Religous wedding ceremonies in Bolivia are not legally binding and only “count” if the couple has a civil ceremony first. Often the two ceremonies are done at the same time, making for a really long wedding.) The only thing that really differed from an American wedding was that the scheduled start time was 2:30 and the wedding didn’t start until 3:30 – but that didn’t surprise us. The ceremony had a short sermon by the pastor and the exchanging of vows and rings. Vannia tossed her bouquet as well, and our teammate, Wendy, caught it! She had to go up on stage afterward and give her blessing to the couple.

Wendy, after catching Vannia's bouquet!

The day was perfect for a wedding and we are so happy for Ariel and Vannia! Felicidades!

WV Bolivia and the happy couple!

WorldVenture Bolivia

Bless and the happy couple!

Bless, the sports and arts ministry Ariel started last year



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