Bunsen Burners in Bolivia

Moles. Explosions. Colored flames. I (Lindsay) am thinking all about Chemistry today! After thinking and praying about teaching over the past few months, I committed to teach Chemistry for the 2010-2011 school year at Carachipampa Christian School.

The school serves children in missionary families and is run by the SIM mission. All of the teachers are from English-speaking countries and all classes are taught in English, although there are a fair number of Bolivian students. I’m really excited to finally put all of my training to use and can’t wait to start planning for the school year!

School begins August 9th, and I will probably be teaching three days a week – two double periods and one single period each week – to allow time for labs and to cut down on my commute (the school is a 45 minute bus ride from our home). I’m a little nervous about being in front of my very own classroom, but I’m hoping the nerves will die as classes get rolling!

p.s. The textbook we’re using is 2 years younger than me!


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2 responses to “Bunsen Burners in Bolivia”

  1. Marlene Giese says :

    Dear Lindsay & Hans, Many times I have had good intentions to write or e-mail and I get busy with my everyday work (at work, where my e-mail is). Not a good excuse but that’s all I have. Anyway, I couldn’t resist commenting on Lindsay’s eagerness to teach chemistry classes. My son, Christopher, is a chemistry and physics teacher in Montevideo, a town about 25 miles away from Benson. He spent his first 3 years teaching high school in New Zealand. They speak English but there were still cultural differences, especially with the native Maoris. Anyway, he loves it and I know he does a good job as I’m sure Lindsay will also. This past year’s challenge for Christopher was to teach the mentally challenged class. He spent an interesting semester trying to come up with really basic ideas which were still a struggle for them to understand. I wish you both well, you guys are doing a great mission that many of us do not have the courage to accomplish. Take care, I enjoy the updates.

  2. Sarah Stover says :

    if you want, I can send you my chem book. I’m not going to use it.


    I’m excited to read this!

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