Improv-ing in Bolivia

The theater form improvisation isn’t common in Bolivia.  Well, as far as we can tell, it didn’t even exist here, at least until June 5th.

As we told Bolivians that we wanted to get an improv theater ministry started here, most were confused.  “Improvisational theater?  That just sounds like a poorly done drama, when the actors didn’t rehearse their script.”

Not quite.  We made a video to try to explain improv a little better, and started with a group of a dozen jovenes Saturday, June 5th.

Using Lindsay’s experience with The Troupe at Michigan Tech, we started teaching this group improv games.

Teaching Improv Games

"Give and Take"

Teaching Improv Games

"Pass the Sound"

Toward the end of our first practice, we moved on to trying out scenes.

Playing "DVD"

Playing "DVD"

Improving for the First Time

Three brave jovenes acting in their first Improv scene

Since this first practice, we met one other time; only four guys showed up, but they really started getting the hang of it.  Please pray for this group, as it just gets off the ground.  Pray that:

  • There would be a consistent group, faithful in attendance
  • Confidence would be developed in the group
  • We would be able to communicate and teach well
  • We could identify leaders to disciple and ultimately take ownership of the group
  • This group would have a strong testimony in and out of the church

Bless Improv


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