And all peoples on earth will be blessed through you…


Sunday we attended the first anniversary party for Project Bless, a sports ministry that started with volleyball and has recently expanded to court soccer (played on a basketball court). The ministry was started by our team leader and Ariel, a Bolivian college pastor with a passion for God and volleyball.  In its first year of existence, the volleyball teams have become self-sufficient, with hopes of the soccer team doing the same. The vision is to see college students grow as Christians and bring the love of Christ to the court.

The name Bless comes from Genesis 12:3, where God tells Abraham “and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”  The team chose “Bless” (in English) as their team name, as they want to be a blessing to those around them, on and off the court.

Ariel, BLESS Coordinator

Ariel, talking about the court as a mission field

Make a wish!

Cake is an important part of any celebration in Bolivia, and this party was no different! All of the players went up front to blow out the candles.

Apparently, brownies are a novelty here!

Cata, the guys volleyball coach, taking the crumbs from the brownies Lindsay made for the party. We never expected brownies to be so popular... Lindsay has been asked several times to give "brownie lessons"!

We’ve been actively supporting these teams for the past several months by cheering at games and showing up at practices and meetings, and it has opened up some great friendships for us.  Please pray that these relationships would continue to develop and mature.

Coming Up…

At the anniversary party we announced a new venue of Bless: Improv. We’ve been planning and preparing for a while for this new side of Bless – not just sports, but now also starting in the arts.

We will hold our first meeting for a new improv comedy ministry on May 22, and are excited to see the vision of Bless spread to the theatre.  Please pray that God would bring the right people into this ministry, with the right mix of skills and abilities for improv.

Sporting our BLESS jerseys

When we arrived in Bolivia, we spent our first two weeks with a short term team that worked with the Bless Volleyball team. As a thank you gift, each person on the team received a volleyball jersey. The current jerseys look a little different from ours, but here we are sporting our "old school" jerseys!


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2 responses to “And all peoples on earth will be blessed through you…”

  1. Em says :

    Lindsay!! You look so beautiful in that pic!!!! The shirt brings out your big blues 🙂

    I MISSSSSSS YOU. I have (as always) been thinking about you so much. I have finals the next few days and then it’s graduation weekend so my family’s coming out (yay!) but next week we have to talk!!!!!!! So much to catch up on. Been praying for you.

    All this soccer and improv stuff sounds wonderful!

    I love you so much sweet friend, and miss you every day.

  2. Pastor Olsen says :

    Lindsay and Hans,
    The two of you are beaming!! So wonderful to see you so well and on fire about the Bless ministry. Have fun with it. Praise God for His work among you.
    Pastor Olsen

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