School Photos

Today I (Lindsay) spent my morning with the elementary English teacher at a school in Quillacollo, where I am observing classes to learn about the Bolivian system of education. The English teacher also teaches Quechua, one of the official languages of Bolivia, and I tagged along for that class, too. Who would have thought that the word “maki” (mah-key) means “hand” in Quechua?

School property

The school property, which belongs to the Baptist Church of Quillacollo. The big open area is the "gym".

The Director

The director (principal) of the school.

Monday Morning Assembly

Each Monday morning, students line up with all of the students in their grade and sing the national anthem while the flag is raised.

Accordian Player

The music teacher plays the accordian while the students sing the national anthem.

English class

The English teacher, explaining the difference between 'a' and 'an' in the second grade class.


Two kindergardeners smile for the camera during their Christian education lesson.

If you’d like to see more pictures from my time at the school, check out our flickr account.


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