Mariachi Video from our Church Anniversary

We wrote about our church’s 15th anniversary party earlier and finally got around to uploading the video we took of the mariachi band.

A few notes of interest:

  1. All of the pastors and deacons were brought to the front, gathered around the cake.  It’s a big sign of respect for them to all be in front of the church, representing it.
  2. The lady in the black shirt on stage is signing the lyrics for the deaf members of the church.
  3. Tito (English name: Titus) is third from the left.  He’s deaf, a deacon of the church, and the sweetest, friendliest guy.  He always greets us with a big smile and a huge hug.  Notice that when he claps along with the song, he’s only following what he sees other people doing, since he doesn’t hear the music to clap along with.  (Side note: Tito preached a few weeks ago, see our newsletter for more details.)
  4. The band is a Christian mariachi band, brought in specifically to celebrate the 15th anniversary, which is important in the Latin American culture (think: quinceañera for a girl’s 15th birthday).  Churches celebrate each anniversary with some sort of event, but 15, 25, 50, etc are big ones.
  5. Note the boy with a water gun at the beginning of the video.  This was near the end of Carnaval, which turns into a big water fight with water balloons, squirt guns, and even buckets of water thrown at whoever is unfortunate enough to be the target.  I (Hans) didn’t get hit much, but Lindsay (female + blond hair = big target) had a couple of bruises from water balloons thrown from moving cars.

Enjoy the video!


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