We’re Loved!

Every once in a while we get asked “What can we send you in a care package?” or “What do you need us to send down?” To be honest, we’ve had a hard time answering that.  There’s been a few things we’ve wanted and have had sent (like a rotary cutter for Lindsay), but we can get most everything here, either imported or made in Bolivia.

This afternoon we picked up a package from the post office – with a return address of Bethany Baptist Church.  We had no idea what was in it, and were touched by what we found.

Care Package from Bethany!

Dozens of papers and valentines colored by the 2-3s class at Bethany were accompanied by M&Ms, cookie mix, and a blue bowl “to remind you of the snow up here and to encourage you when you feel down and ‘blue.'”  We were told that the class would be praying for us though February and March.  Also tucked in the box was a very encouraging hand-written letter from a supporter.

We don’t know who the teachers of the 2-3’s class are this year, but we want to strongly thank them and the kids for the love packed in this box.  Every time we use that blue bowl, we’ll think of this class.  There was nothing we “needed” in this box except the love that was contained in it.  And what a wonderful gift!

So to answer the question of what we want or need send down, we would have to emphatically answer “Love!”  That could be in the form of a package, or just a letter.  At Christmastime we received an envelope full of letters from the Dood’s Bible study in the Heights.  It was a great encouragement simply because they took the time to sit down and write letters to us.  And there’s a number of others that have supported us through letters, packages, and phone calls.  We just want to thank you for your love!


Our address:

Hans & Lindsay Nyberg
Casilla #310
Cochabamba, Bolivia

Phone (rings on our computer): 906-523-2577


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