Our Bright, Colorful, New Apartment!

The last week and a half have been busy as we settle into our new home. We’ve made several trips into La Cancha to buy the many random things we were lacking, and have a few more trips to make in the coming days and weeks.

Our new apartment is on the second floor of a three-story building. The first floor is Paqui’s Restaurant, named after our landlord, who lives on the third floor with her family.

Our building

The apartment is very cheerful and bright. We’ve got a big living room/dining room with bright yellow walls, vivid red curtains, and one red wall that matches them. (We’re not sure if we’re going to paint it over yet.) The apartment also came mostly furnished, with couches covered in bright, bright yellow fabric. (Not sure about those yet, either.) But we really like the apartment!

Dining room/Living Room

We are looking forward to using all this open space to have friends over and to work with students. There’s so much open space that Lindsay hopes to use it to train students when the improv ministry gets going. It’s much more spacious than our previous apartment!

The view from here is also amazing. We don’t have spectacular views from inside the apartment, but when we go up on the roof (where we also hang our clothes to dry) the view is amazing. Lindsay has enjoyed taking in laundry in the evenings just as the sun is slipping behind the mountains.

The view from the roof of our building

Looking northwest from the roof of our building.

The view from the roof of our building

Looking south from the roof of our building.

El Cristo

El Cristo, the giant statue of Christ that overlooks Cochabamba, is practically in our backyard.


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