More Camp Photos

Playing Soccer in the Guy's DormI mentioned earlier that the guys’ dorm at the jovenes camp in Tarija was a big convention building. Foam mattresses were brought in and lined the sides as beds, which left the middle of the building open for… soccer!  The two barn-style doors on either end made great goals.

The following is an entry from my journal one night:

All the guys are in a conference center about the size of an ice rink, beds around the edges.  Right now the guys are playing soccer in the middle.  Occasionally two or three players run into the mattresses on the sides chasing the ball.  I just stopped one with my hand.  I saw one guy, while sitting on his mattress, head a ball coming in his direction.  On one side of the building, a group from Cochabamba playing Uno ducks frequently because they’re sitting next to the goal (see picture below).  Occasionally whistles and shouts are heard when a yellow card-worthy infraction occurs, often cheering louder than when one team scores.

Guy's Dorm

Move Night: Facing the GiantsKeeping with the sports theme, there was a movie night one evening; Facing the Giants was shown.  I talked to a couple of guys about it; one had seen it three times, and the other five (he owns a copy of it).  They don’t understand much (if anything) of the sport of (American) football, but they do really enjoy the movie.

Interestingly, the scene that grabbed the most attention was the Death Crawl.

Here’s a few more pictures from my week in Tarija:

They ran out of brooms...

They ran out of brooms during cleaning duty, so we made do with what we had.

Makeshift Showers

Since the camp was at the fairgrounds, there were no showers, so they installed some temporary ones. Again, making do with what's available!

Saving Places in the Lunch Line

Everyone brings their own plates and cups to the camp - here, some creative campers reserve their place in line. I'm not sure how well it actually worked...

Tarija Jovenes Camp

One speaker encouraged us that worshipping God isn't just with music - it's how we live day-to-day. It's a message we need to be reminded of often.


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