A Glimpse of our Christmas

Christmas for us has been an odd mix of the familiar and traditional, new and different, and simply unexpected, like seeing a live turkey being carried on the bus, probably someone’s Christmas dinner. Being away from family and friends has been hard, yet we have been able to celebrate with new friends, both American and Bolivian. Below are a few snapshots into our life during the holidays.

Coca Cola Christmas Tree

There are Christmas trees and lights up all over Cochabamba, including this tree made of Coca Cola bottles.

Making Strawberry Sauce

We bought two kilos of strawberries to make jam and sauce. We actually liked the mango-strawberry sauce better than plain strawberry. And, yes, strawberries are in season at Christmastime in Bolivia!

Frosting Cookies

Frosting sugar cookies. We plan to have several more cookie cutters custom made, including one in the shape of the UP.

Huge Loaves of Cardamom Bread

Keeping with our Scandinavian roots, we made cardamom bread this Christmas. They got a little bigger than we expected...

Christmas Cards!

Seven Christmas cards arrived in one day, December 27th, with postmarks from December 11 to 19. Two even made it here with normal 44-cent stamps, instead of the required 98 cents! Yet we still don't have Lindsay's birthday cards...


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