All alone and keeping busy!

Thursday night Hans left for Fitchikatchi, a small pueblo (community) in the Potosí department, with a group of 25 or so other people from our co-workers’ church. They’ll be gone all weekend, working with the community church – doing puppet shows and dramas, and hopefully fixing a radio transmitter that the church uses to transmit gospel messages to other communities. They should be back tomorrow.

That means I’m on my own for the weekend! I’ve been keeping busy.. yesterday afternoon a group of us from our language schoool went to Hogar Pequeño David, a boys home where our friend, Mateo, works, and threw a Christmas party. We sang songs (including “Navidad, Navidad, hoy es Navidad”.. which means “Christmas, Christmas, today is Christmas”. It’s the Spanish version of “Jingle Bells”), brought cut-out cookies for the kids to decorate, had an epic balloon-sword fight, and made dinner for the kids. There are 14 boys who live in the home, varying in ages from 3-15, and we had a blast playing with them! To top the evening off, the group gave the home two new bicycles for the boys to play with.

The boys at Hogar Pequeño David with their new bikes!

Today our language school is having a Christmas party and everyone is bringing a traditional Christmas food to share. I am making the Swedish Meatballs that my Aunt Lois has made for many Christmases… I hope they turn out as good as hers! It should be a fun afternoon with a TON of food, Christmas carols, and friends. It’s too bad Hans is out of town!


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