Trip to the Uyuni Salt Flats – Part 2!

Friday (day 3) dawned with us jumping in the Landcruisers, leaving the salt flats, and driving through the mountains and past several lakes on our way to the “Red Lagoon.”


The “Red Lagoon” has a pink color when the wind blows because the algae in the lake is pink.

Pink Lake

Pink LakeWe were told that the thousands of flamingos we saw are pink because they eat the red-colored algae.Flamingos at the Pink Lake

On Saturday morning we visited the final destination – steam geysers and lava. Well, we were told it was lava, but it was actually just boiling mud.  A slight disappointment, but it was cool nevertheless!

A Geyser!
Bubble, bubble... (lava)

We didn’t expect the trip to be so rustic or to have so many tourists (and it’s not even tourist season yet!) but we really enjoyed it. There was so much to see and we were reminded of God’s creativity as we saw such diversity – miles and miles of salt, mountains, lakes (pink and green ones!), deserts, volcanos, and wildlife. And we were able to experience it all with some great friends. It couldn’t have been better!



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2 responses to “Trip to the Uyuni Salt Flats – Part 2!”

  1. Mom Nyberg says :

    I love this last picture of everyone jumping with the setting sun. Which one is Lindsay?

  2. Jeremy Jenson says :

    Seriously, Great Pictures!!!! And if I miss the snow, I can bet you guys do! Merry Christmas!

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